Over 21 Million Doses of the COVID-19 Vaccines Have Been Administered

Published on September 10, 2021

Our government has reached yet another incredible milestone in our vaccine rollout – over 21 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered – more than any other province or territory!

While we continue to make excellent progress, it’s critical that all Ontarians born in 2009 or earlier get vaccinated with their first and second doses as soon as possible. Getting vaccinated greatly reduces a person’s risk of hospitalization and death, and is the best way to protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID-19 and the Delta variant. As the province continues to confront the fourth wave driven by the Delta variant, we are requiring Ontarians to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of their vaccination status to access certain businesses and settings starting September 22, 2021.

We continue to encourage all Ontarians to support family and friends who to may need assistance. Together, we can ensure that even more Ontarians benefit from the protection against COVID-19 and variants offered by all Health Canada approved vaccines.

We encourage all members to raise awareness of this milestone by posting on social media using the social post and graphics provided.