E-Newsletter- May 21, 2020

E-newsletter- May 21, 2020


I hope you are well!

On May 23 our Muslim community will celebrate Eid al-Fitr, known as the “Festival of Breaking the Fast,” and marks the end of Ramadan (a holy month of fasting) for Muslims across the world. Due to the COVID-19 virus, many will not be able to celebrate as they have in the past, but we can still educate and recognize the contributions the Muslim community has made to our province. Eid Mubarak! 

Last week the government announced stage one of the Framework to Reopen Our Province, which began on May 19. However, it will still not be “business as usual” for quite some time. We ask for your patience as we must open-up the province cautiously provided that public health metrics continue to trend in a positive direction.

We are taking a cautious, practical, and reasonable approach to reopen the economy, guided by the advice of health and science experts. This approach will allow business owners and service provider’s time to ensure workplaces are safe for staff, consumers, and the general public.

I know everyone is looking forward to resuming a sense of normalcy, but for a while yet we will still need to take the necessary precautions for social distancing. If for some reason you cannot socially distance, please wear a mask. If you do not have a mask or are having trouble finding one, please contact my office as we have some that we would be happy to deliver to you or make available for pick-up.

If you have any questions or concerns my constituency office staff are available by telephone 416-259-2249 and by email [email protected], Monday - Friday. Do not forget the COVID-19 support link found on my website or at this link: https://www.covidsupports.ca/mpphogarth/

As always, please stay safe and healthy.  



Christine Hogarth, MPP


For the latest information, please visit:


Ontario's Response and Resources

Canada's Response and Resources

Toronto Response

Telehealth: 1-866-797-0000


We have been receiving many emails and calls about the need to wear a face mask. The Ontario government, on the advice of the Chief Medical Offer of Health, is recommending that people wear a face-covering where physical distancing is not possible

Here are a few tips - your face covering should:

  • Fit well and cover your nose and mouth without any gaps
  • Be made of at least two layers of tightly-woven material and can be cleaned multiple times without losing shape
  • Not be placed on children under the age of two, anyone who has trouble breathing or on anyone unable to take it off on their own 

Please note: Medical grade masks should be reserved for health care workers. 

Learn more at: ontario.ca/page/face-coverings-and-face-masks


To assist provincial transit agencies in protecting transit staff and riders in this new environment, the Ministry of Health is also recommending the following measures be put in place:

  • Physical distancing of at least two metres by admitting fewer passengers and using physical markers between seats.
  • The use of face coverings, particularly when physical distancing is not feasible.
  • Ensuring alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available upon entering and exiting the vehicle.
  • Implementing engineering controls like plexiglas windows between drivers and passengers.
  • Enhanced cleaning, particularly of high-touch surfaces.


This week, the government announced the closure of all schools until the end of June 2020. This wasn’t an easy decision, but we know it was the right decision based on protecting the health and safety of your child, your family and our community.

Over the last several months, Ontario students, parents and education workers have stepped up in a major way to continue the learning journey – and I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you.

In addition to encouraging the expansion and standardization of synchronous learning – live dynamic classrooms – I am also excited about the seven-point summer learning program for Ontario students to ensure those that participate remain intellectually stimulated through the summer months. The largest expansion in our province’s history. This will allow students to use the summer period to continue learning, growing and preparing to pursue their ambitions.

These last few months have been challenging, but they have shown us all one thing. Ontario is strong and we can do anything when we work together and rise to the challenge.

Licensed child care centres and EarlyON programs will also remain closed for the safety and protection of children, families and staff through Stage 1 of the Framework for Reopening the Province. However the government intends to reopen childcare in stage two using strict health measures.

For more information, visit:  SCHOOL    


Another hot topic is, when will my place of worship be reopened?  Well, we are not there yet but I promise we will get there soon. Today I will be hosting a zoom meeting with our places of worship in Etobicoke-Lakeshore to discuss how they can open safely to protect their congregations.

I recognize the importance that many of us place on participating in religious gatherings. That is why we amended O. Reg. 52/20 to allow Ontarians to attend religious gatherings on the condition of respecting prescribed safety measures and precautions.

Moving forward individuals can attend religious gatherings if they comply with the following precautions:

  • Individuals who attend must remain in a motor vehicle designed to be closed to the elements.
  • Individuals may only be in the vehicle with others if they are part of the same household.
  • Drivers must ensure vehicles are at least two meters apart. 
  • Gatherings can only be performed by a maximum of five people and physical distancing of two meters must be followed.
  • Persons conducting the gatherings must ensure that any buildings that are intended for religious gatherings are closed during the service, except where the persons conducting the gatherings themselves reasonably require access.
  • Finally, no materials can be passed between participants or the individuals performing the service.

These restrictions are aimed at safeguarding the health and well-being of Ontarians while allowing individuals to practice their faith in congregate settings.


Private campgrounds and parks can open to enable preparation for the upcoming summer season. They can also open to allow access for stationary seasonable homes (similar to cottages) that have access to both electric and water services.

Those with seasonal leases can access these sites and stay over, much like how cottagers can stay overnight at their cottage or secondary residence. People paying to stay for just one night/weekend would not have a seasonal lease, therefore they would not be able to access the campground. All amenities in the campgrounds remain closed. For more information, please visit: CAMPGROUNDS.


As of May 19, the government permitted the reopening of some outdoor recreational amenities, including outdoor sports facilities, multi-use fields, off-leash dog areas, outdoor picnic sites, benches and shelters in parks and recreational areas. 

Retailers, seasonal businesses and health and community service providers will be permitted to open and or expand their services as part of Ontario’s first stage of reopening. This includes retail services that are not in shopping malls and have separate street-front entrances. This also includes; seasonal businesses and recreational activities for individual or single competitors, animal services, businesses that board animals, indoor and outdoor household services like housekeepers and cooks, lifting essential workplace limits on construction, certain health and medical services such as in-person counseling and scheduled surgeries.

Additional seasonal services and activities include golf courses, marinas, boat clubs and public boat launches for recreational use.  Private parks and campgrounds are enabled for preparations for the season and to allow access for trailers and recreational vehicles whose owners have a full season contract.


The government launched a website to provide businesses with information on PPE suppliers to support business-owners, workers and the economic recovery of the province. The Workplace PPE Supplier Directory has an up-to-date list of Ontario companies and business associations that are ready to supply personal protective equipment. For more information, please visit: PPE DIRECTORY


The government is making the cost of prescription drugs more affordable to help ensure Ontarians continue to have access to the prescription drugs they need. This will further reduce stress levels and financial burdens during the outbreak. 

Ontarians using the Ontario Drug Benefit Program will not be required to pay any co-payment until July 1, 2020 for any prescription of 30+ days’ that is now being dispensed in installments. In addition, existing and new Trillium Drug Program households can apply online for an income reassessment.

If a Trillium Drug Program household has experienced an income change in 2019 or 2020 of 10 percent or more compared to their 2018 income, they can apply to have their deductible recalculated by completing and submitting the Annual Deductible Re-Assessment Form


This week we continue to celebrate our Personal Support Workers. I want to give a shout out to all our PSWs, thank you! Thank you for remaining steadfast, selfless and dedicated to caring for our most vulnerable citizens. We appreciate you today and every day! 

ASD Webinar Series: “ABA in Covid-19” with BCBA Amy Domitrovic

Based on the feedback from many participating families, this webinar will focus on applying strategies and principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles to our current situation. It will also discuss ways in which service providers can help during this time and offer some resources that families can access with ease.

When: May 26th starting at 8:00 PM (log-on at 7:30PM)

How to participate: Register at this link: