Expanding Eligibility for Booking the COVID-19 Vaccine

Published on April 29, 2021

Due to a stable and reliable increase in vaccine supply beginning next week, the province and its partners now have the ability to not only provide more certainty in Ontario’s vaccine rollout, but further accelerate timelines to get more shots into arms.

The following is an anticipated schedule to expand COVID-19 vaccine booking eligibility over the next month, to be further evaluated in advance of each age band drop.

  Week of April 26 Week of May 3 Week of May 10 Week of May 17 Week of May 24
Allocation Method

75% all PHU + 25% to hotspots

50% all PHU + 50% to hotspots

50% all PHU + 50% to hotspots

Allocation on per capita basis3

Allocation on per capita basis3

Provincial Age Band

April 30:

Age band to 55+

Age band to 50+

Age band to 40+

Age band 30+

Age 18+

Hotspot Age Band

April 27:

Age band to 45+ in hotspots2

Age band to 18+ in hotspots


Health Conditions

At Highest Risk Health Conditions - continues

High Risk Health Conditions

At risk health conditions


Cannot Work from Home

April 29:

Licensed Childcare workers

Cannot work from home Group 1

Cannot work from home Group 2



1 Does not include 116k J&J doses or additional AstraZeneca doses; AstraZeneca eligibility remains at 40+

2 PHUs can continue to target 18+ in hotspots through alternate channels (e.g., hospital clinics and pop-up clinics)

3 The per capita allocation will be calculated based on the remaining eligible population in each region to ensure equality of access across the province.

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