November 3, 2020 - Important Update

Dear Friends,

Today, in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Public Health Measures Table, and local medical officers of health and other health experts, our government is releasing the Keeping Ontario Safe and Open Framework.

We understand that this virus will be with us for a while, by introducing public health measures sooner, we can keep this deadly virus at bay, bend the curve and reclaim a little more of our normal lives and keep our economy open.

The framework categorizes public health unit regions into five levels: Green - Prevent, Yellow - Protect, Orange - Restrict, Red - Control, and Lockdown being a measure of last and urgent resort. Each level outlines the types of public health and workplace safety measures for businesses and organizations. To see sector specific details for each stage please view: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open Framework. These include targeted measures for specific sectors, institutions and other settings.  This will allow us to act like a dimmer switch – restricting or opening up when needed.

As most regions move to the Orange Stage on November 7, the City of Toronto has asked the province for Toronto to remain in the Red stage for an additional week (November 14). Final decisions on moving public health unit regions into the framework will be made by the government based on updated data and in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, local medical officers of health and other health experts, and will be reviewed weekly. To be clear, Toronto will continue to be in a modified Stage 2 as requested by the City.

You deserve to have access to the same information that we have. That’s why we are enhancing online data through the site which includes information about number of cases, resolved cases, and deaths. This information will help businesses, organizations and local communities to have access to key information to prepare for any changes in their region. 

To assist businesses required to close or restrict services, our government is making $300 million available through the government’s Main Street Recovery Plan.  This funding will help cover fixed costs, including property taxes, hydro and natural gas bills.  To learn about these supports, please visit: Main Street Recovery Plan.  

To review today’s announcement, please click here.




Christine Hogarth, MPP



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