Recognizing International Women's Day

Published on March 13, 2019

TORONTO, ON – Last week, MPP Christine Hogarth (Etobicoke–Lakeshore) recognized International Women’s Day at events held across the riding. Events included:

  • On the morning of Wednesday, March 6, MPP Hogarth joined MP James Maloney at his International Women’s Day breakfast at the Canadiana Restaurant in support of Women’s Habitat Etobicoke. 

    • Photo 1: MPP Christine Hogarth, MP James Maloney, and Etobicoke community leaders 
  • On the morning of Friday, March 8, MPP Hogarth stopped in at an International Women’s Day luncheon hosted by the LAMP Community Health Centre.

    • Photo 2: MPP Hogarth with volunteers from the LAMP Community Health Centre.
  • On the afternoon of Friday, March 8, MPP Hogarth gave an address at the Delmanor Prince Edward retirement living community on the topic of her journey as a woman entering politics.

    • Photo 3: MPP Hogarth with staff and residents of Delmanor Prince Edward retirement living community.
  • On the evening of Friday, March 8, MPP Hogarth gave welcoming remarks at the Faces of Resilience Gala held by Azeeza for Women on the evening of Friday March 8th. Fundraising proceeds from the gala went to support the Daily Bread Food Bank.

    • Photo 4: MPP Hogarth with Neil Hetherington, Daily Bread Food Bank’s CEO. 
“International Women’s Day is important to so many in Etobicoke, including myself,” said MPP Hogarth. “It’s important to recognize issues that disproportionately affect women, including domestic violence and human trafficking.”
On February 22nd, the Ontario government marked Human Trafficking Awareness Day to encourage dialogue, support survivors, and to honour the memory of those who we failed to protect. Raising awareness is an important part of protecting people from falling victim to human trafficking. 
We must recognize and understand that human trafficking dehumanizes, devalues and exploits people in our communities. Recognizing and understanding these uncomfortable truths are necessary to be a part of the solution.
“I would encourage you to learn the indicators, and to help by talking openly about this terrible abuse and sharing your awareness,” said MPP Hogarth. “You could help to save a life.”