Keeping Etobicoke – Lakeshore Beautiful!

Published on September 01, 2020

Keeping Etobicoke – Lakeshore Beautiful!

Over the summer months, I have heard two things consistently from friends and neighbours in Etobicoke-Lakeshore.

First, they are supportive of the many precautions being taken to keep them and their loved ones safe from Covid-19 during this difficult and challenging year.

Second, that some of these necessary precautions have prevented us from taking part in events, which make our community a cleaner, safer place.

For example, our community usually holds many park clean-up initiatives in the spring, but this year most were cancelled due to due to COVID-19. Humber Bay Park, however, was able to hold a socially distant clean-up so congratulations to them!

The next park clean-up is tentatively scheduled for Saturday September 26 from 10am to 12noon at the Marie Curtis Park. This will be a socially distanced clean–up; I hope you will plan to spend a couple of hours helping us clean our parks.

In addition to litter, our community was not able to pick up on community clean-up days, we are seeing used masks and gloves on the streets and in the parking lot. Some of these have been dropped by accident, others through carelessness. Please ensure used Personal Protective Equipment lands where it belongs: in the trash bin.

Etobicoke-Lakeshore is one of the most beautiful areas in Ontario and offers a tremendous amount of parkland and greenspace, including Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Humber Bay and Marie Curtis to name a few. Thank you to all of the residents who are pitching in to keep them clean in these unprecedented times. Please keep up the great work!

This year, our government introduced the first Day of Action on Litter in Ontario. This day is intended to call attention to the impact of waste in our daily lives, and to find practical ways that we can take action to reduce waste at home and in our communities.

Individuals and families can reduce, prevent or divert waste, in the following ways:

• Choosing products with less packaging and replace single-use food wraps with reusable storage containers.
• Becoming experts in what goes in the green bin and blue box.
• For anything that does belong in the trash, such as disposable gloves and masks, making sure garbage bags are properly tied or sealed, to keep our neighbourhoods clean and safe.

You can read more about our government’s efforts to make Ontario even cleaner and more beautiful than ever by visiting the Made in Ontario Environment Plan . It is our commitment to keep neighbourhoods, parks and waterways clean and free of litter and waste.

Thank you for your efforts this year!

Christine Hogarth, MPP