MPP Hogarth Highlights Government's Accomplishments in First Year

Published on June 07, 2019

TORONTO, ON – On Thursday, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario adjourned for the summer, marking the end of the first year of our government’s mandate to get Ontario back on track. In our government’s first year, the Legislature sat for 117 sitting days, nearly 25% longer than the last government’s first year in office. During that time, 20 Government bills were passed into law, including the passage of our government’s first budget, which sets Ontario on a responsible path to fiscal balance, while protecting the core services like health care and education that matter most to Etobicoke residents. Some highlights from this jam-packed session include:

Improving Childcare: We introduced the Childcare Access and Relief from Expenses (CARE) tax credit, which will provide about 300,000 families with up to 75 per cent of their eligible child care expenses and allow families to access a broad range of child care options, including care in centres, homes and camps.

Dental Care: We introduced a fully-funded dental care program for low-income seniors. Starting in late summer 2019, Ontarians aged 65 and over with an income of $19,300 or less or a couple with a combined annual income of $32,300 or less, and without existing dental benefits, will qualify for the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program.

Ending Hallway Health Care: We passed The People’s Health Care Act, which will transform our health care system into an integrated, connected system to improve the patient experience and help reduce wait times through the creation of Ontario Health Teams. This landmark legislation has garnered widespread support from a diverse range of health care providers and partners, including Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, Ontario Long Term Care Association, Ontario Hospital Association and Home Care Ontario.

Mental Health: As part of a province-wide commitment in supporting mental health and addictions services, we announced an additional investment of $97,543 for the George Hull Centre for Children & Families this year to support people, families and caregivers in Etobicoke living with mental health and addictions challenges. We also introduced the Foundations for Promoting and Protecting Mental Health and Addictions Services Act. If passed, this act will establish a Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence within Ontario Health, and support the province’s participation in the national class action lawsuit British Columbia launched last year against more than 40 opioid manufacturers and wholesalers.

Reducing GO Fares and Improving Transit: PRESTO Card users travelling from Mimico GO Station to Union Station will see their fares reduced from $4.98 to $3.70 each way, a reduction of $2.56 for a return trip. The cost of a trip from Long Branch GO Station to Union Station will decrease from $4.98 to $3.99 for PRESTO Card users, a savings of $1.98 per day. We also invested a landmark $28.5 billion dollars for subway infrastructure in Toronto.

Investing in Housing: We announced over $1 billion dollars in renewing Ontario’s community housing sector, including Toronto Community Housing and co-ops. We also introduced More Homes, More Choice: A Housing Supply Action Plan – our plan to increase the supply of affordable market housing.


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